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Why use a CREIA Inspector?

In the state of California there are no legal requirements for providing home inspections – no license, insurance, training or EXPERIENCE is necessary !! This is unfortunate but true. Therefore, anyone can legally perform a Real Estate Home Inspection. This fact alone is the reason there are so many home inspectors to choose from. Often you will find inspectors who do not charge much for their service. It may well be because they do not have the overhead of business insurance, continuing education or CREIA membership dues.

This is why should you hire a Certified CREIA inspector:

CREIA inspectors carry general liability and errors and omissions insurance.

CREIA inspectors are trained and certified as Home Inspectors by CREIA approved organizations.

CREIA inspectors are required to receive ongoing continuing education pertaining to the changing of building codes, health and safety issues, technological advances in building materials and components and much more. We also learn about older homes and materials, the issues and the defects.

CREIA inspectors must pass the CREIA inspectors exam before becoming a CCI (Certified CREIA Inspector).

CREIA inspectors abide and practice business according the CREIA Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

You may be tempted to hire an inspector based on the fee. This does not guarantee you will be provided the best service available. You might save a hundred dollars or maybe even more. But consider this; it is probable you will face even larger expenses due to items missed in the home inspection.

You can determine if an inspector is truly CREIA Certified at by clicking on “Find an Inspector”.

At the very least, you need to find out if the inspector is a certified home inspector and carries the appropriate insurance. Evidence of both can be provided upon request.

What my clients are saying…

"Ed was very detailed, informative and friendly. He had great customer service and I would highly recommend him."Brenda Prado - San Diego, CA
"Ed showed up as promised; he was equipped and ready to go to work. He finished the inspection and cranked out the report in short order....we got the house! I would not hesitate to recommend him or his service."Randy Lyle Julian, CA
"Ed was prompt in both his inspection and report. His clear documentation and the supporting images were easy to understand, even for first time buyers like us! Having Ed on our side made us all the more comfortable with our choice and resulted in several items in the home being repaired prior to our purchase."K. Schultz - Rancho Bernardo, CA