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I include services in a typical San Diego Home Inspection that you may not find other local inspectors providing.

Upon request I can perform a survey of the foundation and slab to determine if the building has moved or settled over time. This will show if there are any significantly high or low areas indicating that problems are hidden beneath floor coverings which could be fairly expensive repairs. You will be informed as to how flat and level the foundation actually is. There is no need to remove any floor coverings to perform this survey. Most homes have solid foundations showing no signs of failure or movement; however, there have been a few instances where this service has proven quite valuable to the unsuspecting buyer.

I have been asked to come back out to re-inspect a home after certain defects have been repaired and to provide documents showing the repair was done properly. If the repairs are minimal and can be determined in a reasonably short amount of time, I will provide this service free of charge. This is my way of saying “Thank you” for allowing me to provide your home inspection and the inspection report.

Some Home Inspectors will include comments in the report on even the smallest deficiencies found during a home inspection; items such as loose door knobs, loose screws at door hinges or cabinet doors, etc. Rather than make a note of it, take a photo and enter all of this into your report, I will simply tighten the screw while I am standing right there. I realize this seems a bit trivial, however, I also understand that even the smallest effort can put an end to an even smaller issue.

What my clients are saying…

"Ed was very detailed, informative and friendly. He had great customer service and I would highly recommend him."Brenda Prado - San Diego, CA
"Ed showed up as promised; he was equipped and ready to go to work. He finished the inspection and cranked out the report in short order....we got the house! I would not hesitate to recommend him or his service."Randy Lyle Julian, CA
"Ed was prompt in both his inspection and report. His clear documentation and the supporting images were easy to understand, even for first time buyers like us! Having Ed on our side made us all the more comfortable with our choice and resulted in several items in the home being repaired prior to our purchase."K. Schultz - Rancho Bernardo, CA