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An important element of every home inspection is the detection of moisture. I use a moisture detector which measures moisture levels contained within walls, ceilings, and flooring materials. Special attention is given to bathroom, kitchen and laundry areas of the home. Where hidden moisture is present, I will include a photo of the location and a comment in your report regarding the condition(s).

An area which is carefully inspected is the yard drainage around the home. Moisture can actually work its way under the foundations and cause extensive damage if the surrounding surfaces are directing water toward the house.  When entering a crawlspace it is common to find evidence of past or present moisture intrusion is usually due to poor drainage.

Finally, by a diligent inspection of the roofing and the exterior of the home (stucco, wood siding, masonry veneers, etc) I can inform you of any area(s) where moisture is, or may be, leaking into the building.

An accurate, thorough moisture analysis will either put your mind at rest or inform you of any existing problems that may be an un-welcomed surprise in the future.

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"Ed was very detailed, informative and friendly. He had great customer service and I would highly recommend him."Brenda Prado - San Diego, CA
"Ed showed up as promised; he was equipped and ready to go to work. He finished the inspection and cranked out the report in short order....we got the house! I would not hesitate to recommend him or his service."Randy Lyle Julian, CA
"Ed was prompt in both his inspection and report. His clear documentation and the supporting images were easy to understand, even for first time buyers like us! Having Ed on our side made us all the more comfortable with our choice and resulted in several items in the home being repaired prior to our purchase."K. Schultz - Rancho Bernardo, CA